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Observatoire d'Oberschaeffolsheim - Bertrand Fritsch - Natura Concept

Oberschaeffolsheim Observatory - Bertrand Fritsch - Natura Concept



The Observatory is a house in Oberschaeffolsheim with a surface area of more than 200 m². The purpose of this positive energy building is to demonstrate and share the knowledge acquired in the field of environmentally-friendly architecture, in order to promote construction of this type of home.

The Observatory emerged from the desire of Alsatian craftsmen and manufacturers to highlight both the performance of their construction materials and their operational know-how. The architect selected for this project is Bertrand Fritsch from Natura Concept.

This house is completely energy self-sufficient, and not only can it meet its own energy needs, it can also recharge an electric vehicle.


The Observatory thus offers an ideal environment for training in connection with:

  • The construction of positive energy buildings
  • Air tightness testing
  • The importance of clean indoor air
  • Taking the environmental impact of buildings into account
  • Limiting CO2 emissions (house and car)
  • The impact of the commutes of this house’s inhabitants
  • Integrating comfort of use into the design, especially for people with reduced mobility (home automation and automatic control of the house’s main functions)