Evalu'Bât, technical evaluation support brief

The construction market is governed by a large number of reference texts (standards, building regulations, professional codes of conduct, etc.) in which, by definition, there is often no provision made for innovations.
In France, the players in the construction industry must be covered by a 10-year builder's risk insurance policy.
Yet the works usually covered by insurance contracts are works qualified as standard practices, i.e. which satisfy those reference texts.
In this complex context, technical evaluations are used to provide the industry's players with information on any innovative techniques and to facilitate an understanding of the technical risk to the insurance companies. They therefore provide essential marketing leverage and using them guarantees a real competitive edge.

The technical evaluation support brief helps construction professionals to establish and implement their technical regulations strategy.


Two levels of intervention:


Establishes a technical review of the innovation to identify its positioning in relation to technical regulations
Establishes a recommendation on strategy and action intended to secure a technical evaluation. Provides an overview in terms of budget and time.


This covers :

  • The consultation, choice and monitoring of external service providers. The compilation of the evaluation files and the management of discussions with the evaluators.
  • The information extended to other players, support dealing with the insurance firms.

Technical evaluation: what does it mean ?
Although professionals are well aware of the Technical Findings issued by the CSTB (scientific and technical centre for the construction industry), technical evaluations of construction products and processes hide a broader reality. We can cite, for example, European technical evaluations, investigations into new techniques, V titles and every other evaluation intended to result in claims of better performances than the ones usually recognised in the current, agreed body of documentation.

Innovating faster in a more secure context, thanks to the support provided.

  • Getting a clear overview of the position of the technical regulations applying to your innovations.
  • Guaranteeing the insurability of your products.
  • Reassuring your clients and key audiences.
  • Getting a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Making the right choices in terms of strategy and actions: choosing the right tests, gathering together the right components, drafting relevant evaluation files.
  • Saving more time and money.
  • Use of recognised experts in the fields of technical regulations and innovation

Incorporation of the technical and regulatory requirements in the overall approach to innovation

Use of the brief as of the innovation start-up phase enables the integration of technical and regulatory issues in the overall product development process.
Development choices take greater account of these constraints.
Certain approaches relating to technical evaluations can be pooled with R&D methodologies and thus take advantage of public support for innovation.

Partnership with the CSTB

This technical evaluation support brief has resulted in a partnership between the Fibres-Energivie Cluster and the Scientific and Technical Centre for the Construction Industry.
Part and parcel of the CSTB commitment to improve the service given to firms in their area, this partnership is the first one to be signed by the CSTB with a regional structure.

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Support Brief Director
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