Do you have an idea and would like to develop an innovation project ?
The Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster is here for you !

Are you just starting to set up your project ? Would you like to submit it to us to request support with a view to being awarded the Competitiveness Cluster label ?

A project leader from the Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster performs an audit of your project to assess your needs, draw up a plan of action, draft the specifications and plan your project in the longer term. Depending on your needs, the project leader will point you towards the appropriate calls for tenders and co-funding windows
To do this, simply fill in the form below :

A reasoned finding will be sent to you. The Cluster's recommendations will definitely be an advantage in view of endorsement of your project and its appraisal by public backers.

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NB: for projects requesting labelling: 
It is imperative that they be submitted to the Cluster at least 4 weeks prior to examination before the Innovation Board. After such time, presentation of the project will be postponed until the next meeting of the IB.
Subsequent to the examination of your application, we will inform you whether your project can be submitted for labelling and will stipulate the date on which it comes before the Innovation Board.