Our Actions

The job of the Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster is to accelerate the development and marketing of innovative products and services by supporting collaborative research and development projects, as well as through its actions in support of innovation, from idea to market.

This network of nearly 200 members brings together the worlds of industry, research and training. Focusing on the construction sector, it brings together all of the players in the value chain (from materials suppliers to integrators): chemical industry, materials, building design, constructive systems industry, energy facilities, building trades, building maintenance and property development promotion.

This unique positioning is able to make the most of the synergy effect to enhance the performance of each sector. In this way, the sustainable building is clearly identified as the driving force behind the development of innovative materials since it represents the biggest spender on materials in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), i.e. 36% in weight for building materials.


Our Challenges

Our challenges cover 3 fields of strategic action:

  • Sustainable fibres and materials which aims to devise products that have less environment impact (over their entire life cycle), provide them with new functions and improve their mechanical properties.
  • Constructive processes and systems this theme covers the design (digital model), the structure and envelope of the building with the development of secondary elements that incorporate new components and materials and factor in the environment, energy efficiency, reliability, comfort and public health.
  • Energy, networks and flows, which deals with energy management in the building by means of equipment (production, conversion and storage) and performance control (monitoring buildings, smart grids, geothermal energy, etc.)


Thus, owing to its size and the scope of its skill sets, the Fibres-Energivie Competitiveness Cluster is a front line player on the sustainable building market, both in France and overseas.