Ecole de Kolbsheim - Photo : François Kronenberger
Kolbsheim School - Sigwalt Philippe Architecture - Photo: François Kronenberger

Two major themes run throughout the design and execution of this project:

  • Producing as much energy as the building consumes
  • Optimizing indoor air quality.

At the core, this facility has thermal insulation and highly efficient solar gain optimisation.

It is heated by heat pumps with geothermal probes, and it “breathes” through a high-yield dual-flow ventilation system.

With its photovoltaic panels, the building produces at least as much energy as it consumes, so the energy balance is positive.

The young pupils will be able to monitor the consumption and production of energy on an educational panel.

Much care went into the quality of the air: all the materials were selected for their low VOC and formaldehyde concentrations.

Future standards on indoor air quality in schools have thus been anticipated.

The ambiance is designed to be very peaceful, thanks to the presence of wood, large transparent areas, the use of soothing colours and an optimistic attitude in terms of environmental issues.