The Build & Connect Conference ist the big  biennal event of the Sustainable Building Community 

Build & Connect aims to accelerate and massify transformations in the building sector in order to put it on a sustainable path towards decarbonisation:

By enabling the exchange of pioneering practices and technologies in order to accelerate and deploy them on a large scale.

By bringing together players who are willing to act, it federates professionals wishing to accelerate the ecological and digital transformation of the building sector.

The 5th Build & Connect Conference is due to be held on 22 to 23 November at the Palais des Congrès in Strasbourg.

It is organised by the only French competitiveness cluster dedicated to innovation in the sustainable building sector : The Cluster Fibres-Energivie. It brings together almost 230 organisations representing the various sectors and trades that make up the building industry.

The event is organised in conjunction with Université de Strasbourg. The university ranks first in the European Union for its chemistry department (materials, environment and health) and 16th globally for its impact on innovation.

This international event has been held since 2014. It is an information forum that brings stakeholders together, inspires them to take action and helps to develop their capabilities. It is supported by 15 sponsors in the manufacturing, engineering, real estate, finance and insurance sectors and has made its mark as a major event in the calendar in the large cross-border region made up of the Grand Est region of France Northeastern France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany.

It brings together some 800 decision-makers for a programme of high-quality lectures and discussions put together by a panel of top experts. Case studies presented by industry pioneers are given top billing with the ultimate aim of reproducing their solutions and bringing them to the mass market. 

The line-up also features debates and a platform for decision-makers with presentations by business leaders of their plans for decarbonising their products, services and operations.

One-to-one meetings will also be held (over 200 meetings in previous years) and a selection of 20 start-ups will pitch their businesses.

Partnerships with 8 clusters from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland will bring international insight to the topics under discussion.

This year the conference theme will be : 


« 3 years to take action.

Towards the zero-carbon home : innovations and lifestyle changes».